Type 8404 (Replaces Types 7700, 7770 And 8702)  BK Connect Data Processing Specialist

Type 8404 (Replaces Types 7700, 7770 And 8702) BK Connect Data Processing Specialist

BK Connect Data Processing Specialist Type 8404 enables specialists to create process chains and analyze data immediately or save those chains as templates.

Test engineers and operators (using the Type 8403 license) can quickly and easily make live measurements or load recorded data for post-processing using the pre-defined process chains. Specialists can create Individual templates that can contain several different tests, each with unique step-by-step workflows and tasks so that one template can cover a range of processes with a single click of the button.


  • Create process chains that can be used for offline analysis of recorded sound and vibration time data with the operator-oriented BK Connect Data Processing Type 8403 license
  • On-site vibration troubleshooting and fault diagnostics for rotating machinery such as gearboxes and bearings
  • Narrow-band acoustic signal analysis, such as at the operator’s ear in a vehicle
  • Multiple, different parallel analyses on the same data; for example, analyzing vibration data at a different bandwidth to acoustic data, using a variety of filters


  • Graphical, drag-and-drop analysis process chain
    All BK Connect analyses use a graphical process-chain concept for setting up the time and frequency domain analysis process. This includes individual elements for filtering, spectral analysis, display and storage of results. each is individually configurable. Process chains can be exported to a file and emailed to allow others to repeat a defined, standardized process.
  • Automated processing
    To maximize productivity, BK Connect enables batch processing of sequenced or parallel analysis of multiple sets of imported data. Time data can also be automatically imported from a network drive, and you even have the option of automatic reporting.
  • User roles
    The BK Connect interface and product structure was designed throughout the development process with the users’ roles as a central theme. Sometimes there is a need for ad hoc measurements created on the spot, but more often measurements and analyses have been set up beforehand and saved to be reused for consistent analysis. BK Connect separates the roles in the structure so that the specialist designs the measurements and analyses so that an operator, or operators, using easy-to-use, often one-click, interfaces can perform the repetitive tasks that have been saved as templates.


  • Filtering and time-editing capabilities along with audio playback (including binaural pairing)
  • Acoustic weighting, human vibration weighting, integration/differentiation, frequency filters, Head and Torso Simulator (HATS) equalizer, resampling of time data and gate elements
  • FFT signal processing, overall level and vs time along with 1/3 octave synthesis from your narrow band calculations
  • Frequency response and phase assign spectrum calculations as a natural first step to modal analysis or operating deflection shapes analysis
  • Stationary and non-stationary tests


BK Connect Advanced Data Processing Type 8404-A adds:

  • Real-time measurement capability for standard measurements
  • Incorporates the standard processing task for access to the simplified user interface either for use in repetitive testing or for validation of the operator workflow.

Adding the following application licenses unlocks even more process chain elements:

  • System frequency analysis with BK Connect Advanced Frequency Analysis Type 8405-B:
    Add envelope analysis or IIR filters to the process chain to perform more advanced data analysis


  • 1/n-octave (CPB) synthesis, frequency band extraction and playback with BK Connect CPB Type 8405-C:
    1/1- through 1/24-octave with simultaneous overall level calculation (weighted and unweighted)


  • Calculation in the process chain with BK Connect Calculation Type 8405-D:
    Element calculation in the process chain – from scaling to complex math operations and function smoothing


  • Fixed-bandwidth FFT-based order analysis with BK Connect Order Analysis Type 8405-E:
    Enables FFT signal or FFT system versus rpm, order extraction, CPB versus rpm and overall versus rpm


  • Tracked resampling with BK Connect Order Tracking Type 8405-F:
    Adds order spectrum, order spectrum versus time, order spectrum versus time and order extraction


  • Sound quality metric calculation with BK Connect Sound Quality Metrics Type 8405-G:
    Includes articulation index, stationary loudness time-varying loudness, statistical loudness, loudness level, binaural loudness, sharpness, fluctuation strength, roughness, tone-to-noise ratio, prominence ratio and tonality


  • Easy report generation with BK Connect Data Viewer Type 8400-A


Requires BK Connect Data Viewer Type 8400. For real-time analysis, BK Connect Hardware Setup Type 8401 is also required.