Type 8400 (Replaces Types 8700, 8701 AND 7767-A)  BK Connect Data Viewer

Type 8400 (Replaces Types 8700, 8701 AND 7767-A) BK Connect Data Viewer

BK Connect Data Viewer is a free application that provides a user-focused structure. It gives a streamlined workflow for comparing results from either the internal database or loaded from an external file, and the tools to generate your final report.

This application is the basic framework for all BK Connect applications (except for BK Connect Hardware Setup) and provides the tools to support the user throughout the data analysis process. The application comprises the project browser for managing data (including import and export), data display elements for viewing and analyzing data, and all the tools needed for creating reports using default templates, templates based on existing reports or customized templates for new or ad hoc scenarios.


In the course of validating or post-processing data and creating reports:

  • Import and view data from other BK Connect sources (To import data from other sources like PULSE Reflex and PULSE LabShop or third-party-based software, or to work with legacy data and shared projects, BK Connect File Importers/Exporters are needed).
  • Centrally organize data from multiple tests, facilitating sharing and comparison
  • Find and copy data from one project to another via the project browser or from the BK Connect database using the search tool
  • Add metadata to projects for context and for data management in the database
  • Create reports for ad hoc measurements or as an automated process


Adding the optional BK Connect Type 8400-A advanced license adds the following capabilities:

  • Scratchpad Calculator
    The Scratchpad Calculator enables standard mathematical and statistical operations for 2D and 3D functions and includes the capabilities for basic reporting
  • Data Table Viewer
    The Data Table Viewer provides a table framework for reviewing data and creating automated reports.
  • Result Matrix Viewer
    The Result Matrix provides a structured overview of data that simplifies the selection and comparison of results when managing data from multiple tests

The Data Table Viewer and Results Matrix Viewer allow the creation of custom display rules making repeatable and fast comparisons part of the natural workflow.  These rules can be exported for sharing with others in the organization so everyone reviews data in the same way, making decisions clearer.


BK Connect Data Viewer Type 8400 is a prerequisite for all other BK Connect applications except for BK Connect Hardware Setup Type 8401