Type 7885 Outdoor Machinery Noise Software

Type 7885 Outdoor Machinery Noise Software

This PULSE software determines the official noise levels of outdoor machinery by guiding the user through the necessary steps to meet ISO measurement standards. It works together with microphones that are positioned on an imaginary hemisphere surrounding the test object. The software controls the test and helps the user ensure it meets the relevant measurement standard with clear step-by-step instructions through set up, calibration, measurement and reporting of noise emission quantities of outdoor machinery according to the specifications of each ISO standard.

The software helps users fulfil ISO 3744, ISO 3745 and ISO 3746. Using these methods, the software specifies the maximum sound power level for each category of outdoor machinery defined in the European Union (EU) Outdoor Noise Directive 2000/14/EC.


  • Operational noise determination of compaction machines, compressors, lawnmowers, concrete breakers, construction winches, generators, and chainsaws
  • Official declaration of machinery noise levels to EU Directive 2000/14/EC
  • Research and development measurements to ensure designs are on track
  • Sound power labelling


This software is an application template for PULSE LabShop that is purpose-designed to make it easy to determine the sound power of outdoor machinery. The software is configured with the requirements of each standard and displays warnings if information is missing or does not follow the requirements. The operator can check the health and readiness of all channels simultaneously with one click, using charge injection calibration (CIC). Users need minimal training, which also makes it easy to use the system alone.


  • Full documentation and statistics for all measured machines
  • Automatic generation of test reports
  • Sound power is calculated from the measured sound pressure during specified modes of the machine’s operation
  • Environmental correction according to ISO 3744, using a calibrated reference sound source