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Type 7825  Calculate Noise Exposure At Work With Protector

Type 7825 Calculate Noise Exposure At Work With Protector

Protector is an unlicensed PC software package that provides a range of tools to post-process noise profiles for specific locations or people, making it easy to model different scenarios for “what if” analysis. Being unlicensed, Protector can be freely distributed throughout your organisation without the need to purchase extra dongles.


  • Make comparisons between measured, calculated and permitted noise exposure values
  • Provide a corporate database for all occupational health matters related to noise exposure
  • Identify high-exposure areas and jobs for planning noise-reduction measures

The software provides a comprehensive toolset for detailed evaluation of measurements. In addition, its ”Working point” and ”Person” models enable users to take measurements and simulate various workday configurations to find scenarios with the lowest noise exposure.

Protector lets users label any data record using keywords (e.g., age categories such as “over 45 years”). When carrying out an analysis, users can then specify to only include workers within a specified category.

The software also makes it easy to display noise exposure results for several workers in one view, including cumulative and distribution curves.


  • Direct data import from sound level meter Types 2250, 2270 and 2250-Light
  • Direct data import from noise dosimeter Type 4448
  • Data presented in both graphical and tabular formats, and exportable to spreadsheet programs or Windows®clipboard
  • Noise sources assignable to workers according to their daily routine
  • Drag-and-drop transfer of data between calculation sheets
  • Fulfils ISO 9612 (1997), including sampling method