Microphone & PreAmplifier Combinations

Type 4959  Short 20 KHZ Microphone For Handheld Arrays

Type 4959 Short 20 KHZ Microphone For Handheld Arrays

Array Microphone Type 4959 is a ¼” prepolarized microphone specially designed for use in Brüel & Kjær’s hand-held and foldable arrays.


  • In Brüel & Kjær hand-held and foldable arrays

Type 4959 microphones have good, stable amplitude and phasematching over wide ranges of temperature and humidity. Their  frequency response is optimised for a flat response in a pressure field.

Each microphone’s built-in TEDS (Transducer Electronic Data Sheet) contains information about the complex transfer function, enabling applications to use data for individual transducers, resulting in more precise measurements.

The preamplifier is an industry standard DeltaTron (constant current line drive) type, allowing the use of the same coaxial cable for signal, power supply and TEDS.

A rugged protection grid provides an integrated heat shield. The microphone is front-vented for pressure equalization.


Capacitance: pF

Diameter: ¼

Dynamic range: 32 – 134 dB

Frequency range: 50 – 20000 Hz

Inherent noise: 32 dB A

Lower limiting frequency -3dB: Hz

Optimised: Array

Polarization: Prepolarized

Polarization voltages: V

Pressure coefficient: dB/kPa

Sensitivity: 11.2 mV/Pa

TEDS UTID: I27-0-0-1U

Temperature coefficient: db/ºC

Temperature range: -10 – 55 C

Venting: Front

Weight: 3 gram

Sound field: Special

Input type: CCLD IEPE

Microphone type: Array