Microphone & PreAmplifier Combinations

Type 4952  Outdoor Microphone

Type 4952 Outdoor Microphone

Outdoor Microphones Types 4952 and 4952-A are suitable for long periods of outdoor use.


  • Measurements in all weather conditions
  • Microphone for noise monitoring systems
  • IEC 61672 Class 1 compliant outdoor sound measurement
  • Complaint investigations

The exterior housing of Outdoor Microphones Types 4952 and 4952-A is made of a chemical resistant polymer that provides extremely high protection against corrosion. This and the microphones’ excellent long-term stability guarantee outdoor use for at least a year with no significant change in sensitivity.

Frequency response is precisely controlled, such that, with the appropriate linearization, IEC 61672 Class 1 requirements are fulfilled.

The windscreen upper part and bird spike can be removed in seconds, enabling easy acoustical calibration of the microphone.


Capacitance: 12 pF

Diameter: 1/2

Dynamic range: 16 – 130 dB

Frequency range: 8 – 20000 Hz

Inherent noise: 16 dB A

Lower limiting frequency -3dB: Hz

Optimised: Outdoor

Polarization: Prepolarized

Polarization voltages: V

Pressure coefficient: -0.021 dB/kPa

Sensitivity: 31.6 mV/Pa

Temperature coefficient: 0.005 db/ºC

Temperature range: -30 – 60 C

Venting: Rear

Weight: gram

Sound field: Special

Microphone type: Outdoor