Microphone & PreAmplifier Combinations

Type 4948  Aerospace Surface  Microphone

Type 4948 Aerospace Surface Microphone

Type 4948 is designed to be used on airplane surfaces during in-flight testing, it is also well suited to wind-tunnel testing, limited spaces, or near to hard reflective surfaces.


  • Measurement of sound pressure on surfaces
  • Acoustic fatigue testing of airplanes
  • Wind-tunnel measurements
  • Medium- to high-level measurements
  • Measurement in confined spaces

The microphone offers high mounting flexibility and its diaphragm is flush with the microphone housing in order to minimise the microphone’s wind-generated noise.


Capacitance: pF

Diameter: 1/2

Dynamic range: 55 – 160 dB

Frequency range: 5 – 20000 Hz

Inherent noise: 55 dB A

Lower limiting frequency -3dB: 5 Hz

Optimised: Surface

Polarization: Prepolarized

Polarization voltages:V

Pressure coefficient: -0.007 dB/kPa

Sensitivity: 1.4 mV/Pa

Temperature coefficient: 0.0013 db/ºC

Temperature range: -55 – 100 C

Venting: Front

Weight: gram

Sound field: Pressure-field

Input type: CCLD IEPE

Microphone type: Surface