Microphone & PreAmplifier Combinations

Type 4944-A  ¼-Inch Pressure-Field Microphone, 4 HZ TO 70 KHZ, 1.0 MV/PA

Type 4944-A ¼-Inch Pressure-Field Microphone, 4 HZ TO 70 KHZ, 1.0 MV/PA

Type 4944-A is designed to be used in small closed couplers, close to hard reflective surfaces or flushmounted. It is a ¼” prepolarized pressure-field microphones laser welded to ¼” CCLD preamplifiers. The preamplifier connects to CCLD input conditioning and supports IEEEP1451.4V 0.9 TEDS (Transducer Electronic Data Sheet).


  • High-level measurements
  • High-frequency measurements
  • Flush mounting
  • Arrays in wind tunnels


The shape of the microphone front ensures excellent microphone performance when flush-mounted. The laser-welded diaphragm on the microphone housing ensures that the sensitivity is resistant to rough handling during flush mounting.


The microphone is supplied with a mini-CD. This mini-CD carries all individual calibration data as well as random-incidence and free-field corrections. The influence of ¼” Nose Cone UA-0385 is also available.


The sensitivity can be calibrated at 250Hz using Pistonphone Type 4228 with ¼” Adaptor DP-0775. The pressure-field response can be measured using Actuator UA-0033 with Adaptor DB-0264. The pressure-field response is equal to the actuator response.


Capacitance: pF

Diameter: 1/4

Dynamic range: 48 – 169 dB

Frequency range: 16 – 70000 Hz

Inherent noise: 48 dB A

Lower limiting frequency -3dB: 16 Hz

Optimised: Pressure Field

Polarization: Prepolarized

Polarization voltages: V

Pressure coefficient: -0.003 dB/kPa

Sensitivity: 0.9 mV/Pa

Temperature coefficient: 0.009 db/ºC

Temperature range: -20 – 100 C

Venting: Side

Weight: gram

Sound field: Pressure-field

Input type: CCLD IEPE

Microphone type: Pressure Field