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B&K Type 4370  Piezoelectric Charge Accelerometer, Top Connector, Incl. Cable

B&K Type 4370 Piezoelectric Charge Accelerometer, Top Connector, Incl. Cable

Type 4370 is a piezoelectric, DeltaShear®, Unigain®accelerometer with top connector. Type 4370 features 10 – 32 UNF receptacle for output connection and can be mounted on the object by means of a 10 – 32 UNF threaded steel stud.


  • General purpose
  • High sensitivity
  • Low-level, low-frequency measurements


This piezoelectric accelerometer may be treated as a charge source. Its sensitivity is expressed in terms of charge per unit acceleration (pC/g).

The DeltaShear design involves three piezoelectric elements and three masses arranged in a triangular configuration around a triangular centre post. The ring prestresses the piezoelectric elements to give a high degree of linearity. The charge is collected between the housing and the clamping ring. The piezoelectric element used is a PZ 23 lead zirconate titanate element. The housing material is stainless steel.


The sensitivity given in the calibration chart has been measured at 159.2 Hz and an acceleration of 10 g. For 99.9% confidence level, the accuracy of the factory calibration is ± 2%.


Frequency range (± 10% limit): 0.1 to 4800 Hz

Temperature: – 74 to + 250°C

Weight: 54 gram

Sensitivity: 10 pC/ms^-2

Residual Noise Level in Spec Freq Range (rms):  ±0.02 mg

Maximum Operational Level (peak): 2000 g

Electrical connector: 10-32 UNF

Mounting: Stud

Accessory Included: AO 0038

Clip/Stud/Screw included: YQ 2960

Output: Charge-PE

Unigain: Yes

Triaxial: No


Applications: General Purpose

Unit: pC

Resonance frequency: 16 kHz

Maximum Shock Level (± peak): 2000 g