General-Purpose Sound & Vibration Analyzers

Type 3663 Sonoscout – Ipad-Based Data Recorder

Type 3663 Sonoscout – Ipad-Based Data Recorder

Sonoscout is a system that uses an app on an iPad® to control a wireless data acquisition unit. This rugged front end can connect up to 12 transducers, such as a binaural headset for in-vehicle recording at the user’s ear positions, or two independent CAN bus inputs and up to eight transducers (depending on the front-end configuration).

The front end is battery-powered and transmits data to the iPad for recording or records directly to SD card inside the front end, avoiding the need to use WiFi. The intuitive app makes it simple to either perform basic analysis, or to replay and listen to files in order to validate recordings before exporting them for further analysis and archiving in BK Connect and PULSE Reflex.

You can try the Sonoscout app using the free demonstration mode.


  • General sound and vibration recording and analysis, such as troubleshooting
  • Single-handed recording of vehicle intake and exhaust noise levels for benchmarking competitor vehicles
  • Making quick recordings at the ear position and quickly replaying them, such as interior cabin noise during flight testing
  • Gathering raw data (including CAN data for internal combustion, electric and hybrid vehicles) for incorporation into NVH simulator models of current vehicles and future potential designs


The iPad can be dashboard-mounted in vehicles, where large buttons and clear displays help you control tests and view acoustic, vibration, tachometer, and CAN bus signals. To increase safety while driving, automated triggers based on level or GPS events.

During measurements you can save screenshots of the displayed data by tapping a single button. You can also tap the screen to mark important events and time periods. Sonoscout maps the route automatically using GPS, and displays marked events in Google Earth later, complete with the location of event markers. Additionally, you can begin generating your report directly on the iPad using any of the Microsoft Office® apps.

After recording, you can replay time histories immediately, and validate data by exploring it with your fingertips, listening to dual-channel replays, and comparing with other tests and vehicles.


  • Automated calibration procedure
  • Listen to accelerometers to ascertain correct mounting
  • No input ranging with Dyn-X technology
  • Document tests using the iPad to take pictures and videos of your setup, etc.
  • TEDS support for automatic transducer recognition
  • Built-in CAN bus interface
  • Logs all CAN data including engine RPM, speed, throttle position, and more (with LAN-XI CAN Bus Module Type 3058)
  • Pre-triggering and auto-stop functions
  • Exporting data in common file formats: .bkc, .pti, .wav, .hdf, .sdf, .asq-wav
  • FFT, order analysis, spectrogram analysis, sound quality metrics
  • Narrowband and 1/3-octave band analysis (synthesized)
  • SD card recording option for front-end using iPad control

Ready-to-go analyzer system package
You can get Sonoscout in a complete package including BK Connect PC software for data viewing, time editing and data management, with software maintenance updates, and with expert support.


Download the Sonoscout app from the App StoreSM to try in it demo mode with a virtual data acquisition front end


This system is based on our modular LAN-XI data acquisition hardware, which is the universal backbone of our data analysis systems. If you already own LAN-XI hardware, you can unleash it with Sonoscout.


We have developed an interactive tutorial that gives you an introduction to CAN bus, some suggestions for how to configure a system to record CAN parameters in the vehicle and an overview of standards relevant to integration of CAN bus data in a data acquisition system