Sound Sources

Type 3207  Impact Sound Generator – Tapping Machine

Type 3207 Impact Sound Generator – Tapping Machine

Tapping Machine Type 3207 uses five hammers each weighing 500 g and operating at 2 Hz dropping from a height of 40 mm, giving an operating frequency of 10 Hz. The hammers are operated via tappets on a single shaft. The shaft is driven by a DC motor via a toothed belt and gearbox. The robust unit is based around a welded aluminium chassis. Both size and weight have been minimized for easy transportation.

Three extendable legs with rubber feet support the unit during operation. The rubber feet are height adjustable with supplied gauges. This gives stable and level mounting during operation in accordance with the relevant standards.

The unit is powered via the supplied mains adapter or an optional battery kit. The unit can be remotely switched on and off with cable AQ 0633 or Wireless Remote Control Option UA 1476.

For proper building acoustics measurements, a sound source that fulfills relevant standards (for example, ISO 16283 and ISO 10140) is required. Brüel & Kjær offers a complete range of sound sources for building acoustics measurements.


  • Part of a complete building acoustics system featuring sound level meter Types 2250 or 2270
  • Remote operation via cable or wireless remote control