Type 3115  VSound

Type 3115 VSound

VSound is a multi-channel portable system that can be used to provide synchronized signals for speakers or other dynamic actuators, allowing individual sounds for inside and outside the vehicle to be generated simultaneously for evaluation of virtual vehicle prototypes.

The system delivers exceptionally high‐quality audio signals – from complete engine sounds to simple looped sounds – using similar audio algorithms as the Brüel & Kjær NVH Simulator. To control the sound output, VSound uses vehicle parameters such as throttle, rpm and speed from the CAN‐bus system. The user can switch between a series of predefined vehicle sound profiles.


  • Development of appropriate interior and exterior sounds for electric and other quiet vehicles
  • Evaluation of any potential interior or exterior vehicle sound design in the real world:
    • Final tuning
    • Demonstration
    • Sign‐off by senior management
    • Long‐term trial on public roads
  • Back‐to‐back NVH comparison of benchmark vehicles in one vehicle
  • Presentation of exterior sounds of differing complexities to define production hardware requirements
  • Design of discrete sources on an IC vehicle (e.g. intake or exhaust systems) to create distinctive exterior sound quality


  • Easy switching between a series of loaded sounds using the VSoundRC app on an iPod touch® or iPhone®
  • Stand‐alone simulation (no PC required in vehicle)
  • Simple configuration of which sounds to use and how to control the sounds using vehicle parameters on the accompanying PC software
  • Pseudo vehicle performance model to calculate an RPM (for an engine sound) according to user-defined gear ratios and an optional gear shift table as a function of vehicle speed and engine load.
  • Easy interaction between VSound and the NVH Simulator’s Desktop Simulator (DTS) and Exterior Sound Simulator (ESS), allowing engineers to design, check, evaluate and deliver interior and exterior vehicle sounds for vehicles of any configuration, including electric, hybrid, conventional internal combustion (IC) powertrains, and any other vehicle/powertrain design.