LAN-XI Sound & Vibration DAQ

Type 3058  LAN‐XI CAN Bus Module

Type 3058 LAN‐XI CAN Bus Module

CAN Bus Module Type 3058 is a low‐noise data acquisition unit designed specifically for automotive applications where there is a need to record vehicle parameters along with the measurement signals of interest.

Combined with LAN‐XI Battery Type 2831‐A and the WLAN Frame Type 3660‐A, Type 3058 creates a true, wireless portable front end with more than seven hours of battery life, creating the perfect front end for a Sonoscout system.


  • Wireless recording and validation of NVH data in the field or in the lab
  • Automotive applications with need to monitor vehicle parameters such as rpm, speed, throttle position, etc.
  • Sound quality metrics (for example, loudness, sharpness and articulation index)
  • General sound and vibration measurements
  • As measurement front end for Sonoscout


The eight analogue dynamic input channels cover signals with frequencies from DC to 25 kHz, ideal for most NVH applications. The module has two independent CAN bus connectors, that allow connectivity to both the vehicle CAN and another CAN device, for example, high‐precision GPS equipment. Type 3058 supports both high‐speed and low‐speed CAN, as well as OBD‐II. AES3 inputs via two pairs of input connectors (inputs 3/7, and/or 4/8), allow connectivity to 2‐channel digital audio signals such as digital artificial heads.


We have developed an interactive tutorial that gives you an introduction to CAN bus, some suggestions for how to configure a system to record CAN parameters in the vehicle and an overview of standards relevant to integration of CAN bus data in a data acquisition system.


Input channels: 8

Frequency range: DC – 25600 Hz

Dyn-X: No

Direct V: Yes


200V mic.: No

Charge: No

Bridge: No

LF Aux: No

High speed tacho: No