LAN-XI Sound & Vibration DAQ

Type 3053  High-Density 12-Channel Input Module

Type 3053 High-Density 12-Channel Input Module

A 12-channel input module that delivers a compact and cost-efficient solution for high channel count applications.


  • High channel count sound and vibration measurements
  • Measurement front-end module for PULSE measurement and analysis software
  • Front-end for PC based data recorder Type 7708
  • Single module measurements
  • Multi module measurement/ distributed system
  • Stand-alone recording (no PC) using LAN-XI Notar™
  • Wireless frontend for Sonoscout

Standing alone, Type 3053 is the world’s smallest 12-channel sound and vibration analyzer, and it works equally well as a single-module data acquisition system, or as a building block for a large LAN-XI measurement system. Interchangeable front panels give the flexibility to use a wide range of transducers.


Input channels:  12

Frequency range: 0 – 25.6 kHz

Dyn-X: No

Direct V: Yes


200V mic.: No

Charge: No

Bridge: No

LF Aux: No

High speed tacho: No