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Type 2734  Power Amplifier For Building And Room Acoustics

Type 2734 Power Amplifier For Building And Room Acoustics

Compact, lightweight and built into a robust flight case, the power amplifier is easy and safe to carry to the measurement location. All connectors and controls are on the front for easy access, and the amplifier can stand horizontally or vertically as required for convenient operation.

With its calibrated controls and level indicator lamps, getting the output level right and reproducing previous settings is simple. For flexibility, the amplifier has XLR, jack and BNC input sockets. A sensitivity selector in 10 dB steps adapts the amplifier to a variety of source-signal levels and sound sources. Maximum output power is 500 W with a frequency response of 20 Hz – 20000 Hz within ± 1 dB.


  • Part of a complete building acoustics system featuring sound level meter Type 2250 or 2270
  • 500 Watt into 4 Ohm output
  • Quiet, no fan cooling required
  • Remote operation via cable or wireless remote control
  • Satisfies national and international standards
  • Robust, light and easily portable

Power Amplifier is available in two versions. Type 2734-A is the basic version, while Type 2734-B includes a wireless audio system to accommodate ‘cable-free’ transmission of the building acoustics test signal between measurement system and amplifier.