Shakers & Exciters

TYPE 2719  Power Amplifier

TYPE 2719 Power Amplifier

Specifically designed to drive our Type 4808 exciter, this amplifier features an adjustable RMS output-current limit, so that it can be used with smaller shakers. It has a frequency range from DC to 100 kHz and a 14 dB maximum voltage gain.


  • Driving Permanent Magnet Vibration Exciter Type 4808
  • Safely driving Vibration Exciter Type 4809 to its full rating (by limiting the current output)


Type 2719 consists of an input stage (both AC-coupled and direct), a preamplifier and a power amplifier. Various built-in warning and safety circuits with light-up indicators protect both the test article and the system. A current-limiting circuit prevents excessive instantaneous output current peaks. A multifunction, LCD display shows output current and voltage. LED signals indicate the amplifier’s status and alert you in case of distortion, and temperature and current overloads.

The amplifier can be used as a voltage generator with low output impedance and a flat voltage frequency response, or as a current generator with high output impedance and a flat current frequency response.