Torque Sensors

TN Torque Transfer Transducer

TN Torque Transfer Transducer

The TN torque transfer transducer is a non-rotating torque transducer specifically for use as a transfer standard or as a reference transducer in calibration laboratories and it complies with the most stringent accuracy and stability requirements.

It is part of the equipment used in national metrological institutes, as well as in high-ranking industrial calibration laboratories, firstly as a transfer standard for comparison and for traceability in torque calibration systems based on lever arm and mass and secondly, in a fixed mounting, as a reference sensor in calibration laboratories using the reference principle. If it is ordered with a DKD calibration certificate, class 0.05 per DIN 51309 is ensured.

In the TOP transfer standard version, it even complies with requirements that exceed this class (the best provided for in the standard).

To enable compliance with excellent calibration conditions to be monitored, the option is available to equip the TN with devices to measure bending moment and temperature. It can also be equipped with a second measuring bridge for torque, to ensure additional stability.

Key Features

  • Nominal (rated) torques of 100 N•m, 200 N•m, 500 N•m, 1 kN•m, 2 kN•m, 5 kN•m. 10 kN•m and 20 kN m
  • Cylindrical shaft ends without keys, dimensions acc. to DIN 51309 and EA-10/14
  • Class 0.05 per DIN 51309 or EA-10/14 (in conjunction with the DKD calibration certificate)
  • Option: TOP transfer standard (enhanced accuracy)
  • Option: second measuring bridge for torque
  • Option: measuring point for bending moments
  • Option: integrated temperature measurement