Torque Sensors

TIM40 Digital Torque Interface Module

TIM40 Digital Torque Interface Module

The TIM40 interface module adds more interfaces to T40 series torque transducers such as additional, independent analog outputs (± 10 V, 12 ± 8mA) and an additional frequency output. Moreover, TIM40 allows for connection to fieldbuses such as CANopen and PROFIBUS DP.

TIM40 offers very high flexibility, enabling you to adapt your torque transducer to the respective application and, for example, connect additional display screens or devices.

HBM accuracy class: 0.05 %
Bus cycle time: <=1 kHz


  • 0.05 % accuracy
  • Fast digital transmission of measured values from the torque transducer to the TIM40

Precise and fast – a useful addition to your tests.

Easy to mount

  • Interface module for easy DIN rail mounting
  • Optionally available enclosure for IP67 compliance (e.g. for mounting directly in the test bench)

Easy mounting and high degree of protection


  • For all T40 series torque transducers
  • Fieldbus: CAN, PROFIBUS DP
  • Additional outputs:
  • ± 10 V voltage
  • 12 ± 8 mA current
  • Frequency
  • Integrated web server for parameterization
  • Expansion possible at any time

Maximum flexibility – with many additional outputs

  • Version automatically results from customized variant code
  • For connection to PROFINET and EtherCAT, we recommend our TIM-PN/TIM-EC module.

You will find more information in the data sheet.