Torque Sensors

TIM-EC EtherCAT Interface Module

TIM-EC EtherCAT Interface Module

TIM-PN and TIM-EC: Digital Measurements In PROFINET And EtherCAT Networks

The TIM-PN/EC digital interface module is extremely fast and ideal for highly dynamic applications. It integrates torque and rotational speed measurements in higher-level automation and control systems of test benches. The digital twin-channel amplifier can also be used to transfer measured values – for example from T40-series torque transducers – to two separate PROFINET and EtherCAT networks simultaneously.

  • HBM accuracy class: 0.01
  • Bus cycle rate: up to 4 kHz (PROFINET), or 20 kHz (EtherCAT)


  • High accuracy of 0.01 % for data transfer
  • Dual range: Linearization for full and partial range measurement
  • High dynamics for maximum sample rates on the fieldbus side – up to 4 kHz for PROFINET networks and 20 kHz for EtherCAT networks

Extremely high measurement accuracy thanks to capacity in different measurement ranges

Ready For Immediate Use

  • Measurement process diagnosis
  • Integrated web server

Easy configuration without additional software for fast system integration


  • Torque and rotational speed measured values can be transferred to different PROFINET and EtherCAT networks simultaneously thanks to coupler function
  • Torque signal: Has a digital TMC (Torque Measurement Communication) interface and input for frequency signals
  • Speed signal: The integrated rotational speed measuring system of HBM torque transducers and also external rotational speed encoders can be connected

Reliable measurement data with top quality and resolution

Available for EtherCAT and PROFINET

  • Easy to combine for hybrid setups (EtherCAT and Profinet)
  • Easy to control from digital torque transducers T40B (via digital TMC interface) and T12 (via frequency interface)
  • Integrated web server

For further information see the data sheet.