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TB2 Torque Reference Transducer With Extreme Accuracy

TB2 Torque Reference Transducer With Extreme Accuracy

Reference torque transducer TB2: Calibration with accuracy class up to 0.03

The reference torque transducer TB2 is exceptionally precise and therefore, is ideally suited as a reference or transfer standard for torque calibration in the laboratory. For industrial use, for instance . in test stands, the TB2 is also available in the degree of protection IP67. Owing to its design, the reference torque transducer provides very good accuracy and reproducibility, even under industrial conditions in the test bench. The measuring body is made of one piece and therefore, is homogeneous and balanced for high measuring accuracy.

The TB2 achieves the HBM accuracy class of 0.03 according to the strict HBM definition, or the best class accuracy of 0.05 according to DIN 51309.

In combination with the highly accurate digital precision measuring amplifiers, such as DMP41, ML38B and MX238B, the highest measuring accuracy can be achieved over the entire measuring chain. The TB2 offers a particularly wide field of application for calibration tasks, with eight nominal torques between 100 Nm and 10 kNm.

  • Accuracy class: up to 0.03
  • Degree of protection (according to EN 60 529): up to IP67
  • Nominal (rated) measuring range: 100 Nm to 10 kNm


  • Impeccable precision due to balanced design of the measuring element
  • Optimal precision across the entire measurement chain in conjunction with precision measurement amplifiers, such as DMP41, ML38B, and MX238B
  • Very good reproducibility and repeatability of measurements
  • Best class accuracy of 0.05 in combination with the DAkkS calibration certificate according to DIN 51309

Optimal precision over the entire measuring chain (in conjunction with the HBM precision measuring amplifiers)


  • Optimal choice as a reference transducer for torque calibration, even under industrial conditions
  • Available in eight maximum torque capacities (100 Nm, 200 Nm, 500 Nm, 1 kNm, 2 kNm, 3 kNm, 5 kNm, 10 kNm)
  • High temperature stability of the zero point of 0.02% / 10K

Ideally suited for many precision torque measurement applications due to protection class IP67.

Accessories available

  • Connecting plug, mounted on cable
  • 15-pin D plug, mounted on cable
  • DakkS calibration certification according to DIN 51309

Further information can be found in the data sheet.