Torque Sensors

T40MS – Torque Flange

T40MS – Torque Flange

T40MS Torque Transducer: from 500 Nm to 2 kNm at 25,000 rpm

T40MS is outstanding for its precision, reproducibility and robustness and is particularly well-suited for static and dynamic torque measurement. The torque transducer features 0.03% accuracy in terms of linearity including hysteresis, as well as high temperature stability. Combined with the integrated magnetic rotational speed measuring system, it allows for power measurement in the drive train. Non-contact power supply and digital signal transmission guarantee fail-safe and maintenance-free operation. The TIM-EC interface module for EtherCAT and TIM-PN for Profinet ensure maximum performance and high flexibility when integrating the torque and rotational speed signals with cutting-edge test bench systems.

Special Features:

  • High speed up to 25.000rpm
  • Nominal torque from 500N·m to 2kN·m
  • Digital telemetry system
  • Measurement frequency range up to 6 kHz ( -3dB )
  • Without bearings and slip rings
  • Titanium element body
  • Very low rotor weights
  • Very small mass moments of inertia
  • Small outside diameter

Digital transmission mission with error detection ensures interference-immune data transmission without loss of accuracy
High vibration strength, therefore robust in use
Innovative digital data transmission delivers reliable measured data, even in difficult ambient conditions.