Torque Sensors

T22 Torque Transducer

T22 Torque Transducer

T22 Torque Transducer: Torque Measurement up to 1 kNm

The strain gauge technology-based T22 torque transducer uses non-contacting transmission technology to measure torque, and provides measurement ranges from 0-0.5 Nm up to 0-1 kNm. Its compact design makes it the ideal choice for dynamic and static torque measurement on non-rotating as well as rotating components. Therefore, the T22 is used, for example, in laboratories and end-of-line test benches in the automotive sector and production technology. Due to its two analog outputs (current and voltage), the torque sensor can be easily connected to programmable logic controllers (PLC) and thus, is ideally suited for use in production and process monitoring.

  • HBM accuracy class: 0.5
  • Nominal (rated) torque: 0.5 Nm to 1 kNm
  • Nominal (rated) rotational speed (rpm): up to 20,000

The cost-effective alternative, now also available for low nominal (rated) torque (0.5 Nm, 1 Nm, 2 Nm)

The T22 torque transducer is now available with three new nominal (rated) torques of 0.5 Nm, 1 Nm, and 2 Nm. This particularly cost-effective solution is also available for applications that require smaller nominal (rated) measurement ranges such as in medical engineering, test benches for bearings, and material as well as haptic tests.


  • No additional amplifier required, due to integrated electronics
  • Compact design ensures easy connection, in confined spaces, too
  • Maintenance-free operation

Cost-effective solution which takes minimal time and reduces cost expenditure and integration effort

Easy integration

  • Direct connection to PLC with +/- 5 V and 10 +/- 8 mA analog outputs
  • Coupling diameter can be chosen individually
  • Non-play friction fit

Easy and fast installation in many applications

Extensive Range of Accessories

  • Transducer connection cables available in different lengths (5 m, 10 m)
  • 12-pin cable socket)
  • Bellows couplings
  • ClipX interface module

For more information, please refer to the data sheet.