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ZZZ – T10FS Torque Flange

ZZZ – T10FS Torque Flange

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The T10FS torque flange adds to the outstanding market reputation of the T10F torque flange, extending the range covered to greater accuracy, higher speeds and smaller outside diameters. It is based on a modified T10F measuring body and also uses the shear stress principle of measurement.

Key Features
· Nominal (rated) torques of 100 N•m, 200 N•m, 500 N•m, 1 kN•m, 2 kN•m, 3 kN•m, 5 kN•m and 10 kN•m
· Nominal (rated) rotation speeds of 12,000 rpm to 24,000 rpm
· Low rotor weights
· Low mass of inertia
· Small outside diameters
· No bearings, no slip rings
· Option: integrated magnetic or optical speed measuring system