Speed Measurement

SS110 Slow Speed Switch

SS110 Slow Speed Switch

The SS-110 Slow Speed Switch is a complete system that has one adjustable set point for monitoring a single rotating shaft.

This Speed Switch is used in slow speed applications, and allows accurate underspeed detection within the 1/100-10 rpm range. The SS-110 System is an efficient way to continuously track proper machine RPM, and provide a relay output upon detection of an unwanted change in speed or stoppage of the monitored shaft.

* Dial-In Calibration Does Not Require Power
* Set Point Ranges: .01 – 0.99 and 0.1 – 9.9 rpm
* ETL Approved to UL 508 Standard
* Completely Field Adjustable
* Fail-Safe Operation in Underspeed Mode
* DIN Rail or Stand Alone Mounting
* Additional DIN Rail Available – Consult Factory

Standard System: SS110 115vac Speed Switch, 906 Sensor, 255 Pulser Disc