String (Draw Wire) Potentiometers

SP2 Compact String Pot

SP2 Compact String Pot

The SP2 String Pot from Celesco is a compact, economical and water resistant device that utilizes a flexible cable, a spring-loaded spool and a potentiometer to detect and measure linear position.

The SP2 is identical to the SP1 except for an added 40-inch electrical cable with a watertight rubber strain relief. The SP2 has been compactly designed for tight spaces and high cycle applications and generously allows for measuring cable misalignment. With 4 different ranges and a handy mounting bracket, the SP2 is a perfect solution for many applications from light industrial to OEM.

Output Signal: Voltage Divider (potentiometer)

Measurement Range Options: 0-4.75 in., 0-12.5 in., 0-25 in., and 0-50 in.