String (Draw Wire) Potentiometers

SM1 Miniature String Pot

SM1 Miniature String Pot

With it’s ultra compact design the SM1 is the perfect solution when tight space is an issue. At just a little over an inch across, this miniature string pot offers full stroke measurement ranges from 2½ to 25 inches. A precision plastic hybrid 10K-ohm potentiometer delivers a precise voltage divider output signal that is linearly proportional to the travel of the spring-loaded measuring cable.

Constructed with a rugged polycarbonate enclosure and free-release tolerant, the SM1 is the perfect solution for the OEM and single piece user alike.

Output Signal: Voltage Divider (potentiometer)

Measurement Range Options: 0-2.5 in., 0-7.5 in., 0-12 in., and 0-25 in.