Slide Gate Position

SG1000B Linear Position Monitor

SG1000B Linear Position Monitor

Electro-Sensors’ SG1000B is a complete position monitoring system designed to sense the position of both linear and rack-and-pinion driven slide gates.

Housed in a rugged NEMA 4 enclosure, the SG1000B is typically used to measure the linear position of a process that has a repetitive linear movement, providing independent and accurate feedback via a 4-20mA signal. To achieve this measurement the SG1000B uses a Telescopic-Arm to convert linear movement into an angular movement and measures the arm’s angle to determine the process’s linear position.

A simple calibration procedure programs the SG1000B with the encoder values corresponding to three unique Telescopic-Arm angles along the process’s linear travel. Once programmed, the SG1000B outputs a 4 mA DC signal when the encoder is at one-end of the calibration span (slide gate fully closed), and outputs a 20 mA DC signal when the encoder is at the other-end of the calibration span (slide gate fully open). When the encoder is at any mid-span position (slide gate somewhere between fully closed or open), the SG1000B outputs a signal that is proportionally between 4 and 20 mA.

The optional TR400SGA display decodes the signal from the SG1000B monitor and shows the percentage open between zero (fully closed) and 100 (fully open), allowing the gate to be accurately monitored and positioned when regulating the flow of a product or proportioning more than one product. The SG1000B monitor when used with a PLC or Electro-Sensors optional slide gate display provides the operator with immediate at a glance information on the position of the gate. The optional display also offers 2 relays for desired gate position indication and a 4-20mA proportional output. Electro-Sensors’ SG1000B position monitor improves the efficiency and safety of operations by preventing machine damage, product waste, and costly downtime.