Signal Conditioning

SCM100 Signal Conditioner

SCM100 Signal Conditioner

The SCM100 LVDT signal conditioning module has been designed specifically to operate with the AF111 and AF145 range of LVDTs, and to make using an LVDT as simple as using a linear potentiometer.

This module incorporates a high performance circuit which drives the LVDT in a ratiometric configuration, thereby maximizing system accuracy by eliminating effects caused by temperature and supply current variations.

Supplied in a DIN rail enclosure to suit EN50022/EN50035 rails, complete with a set-up guide.

Key Features
* Suitable for use with Penny & Giles AF series LVDT transducers
* Choice of DC input supply voltages
* Range of voltage or current output signals
* DIN rail package
* User adjustable span and zero settings on all cards.