S2M S-Type Load Cell

S2M S-Type Load Cell

S-Shaped S2M Load Cell: Measurements From 10 N to 1 kN

The S-shaped S2M force transducer measures tensile and compressive forces and can be used for a wide variety of static and dynamic measurement applications.

The consistently high output signal of 2 mV/V guarantees a good signal-to-noise ratio. It measures very precisely even with small forces (the lowest nominal (rated) measuring range is 10 N) and returns extremely reliable results. Thanks to integrated overload protection, the S2M itself is protected against extremely strong overload in the case of machine damage.

  • HBM accuracy class: 0.02
  • Nominal (rated) forces: 10 N to 1 kN


  • Low dependence of the zero point on the temperature (200ppm/10K)
  • Minimum non-linearity, relative reversibility error and lateral force effect of 0.02 % each
  • High output signal of 2 mV/V, even with nominal (rated) forces as low as 10 N
  • Optimum signal-to-noise ratio

High precision, even with low nominal (rated) forces, offers an extremely wide measuring range and reliable results with the best price-to-performance ratio.

Withstands rough conditions

  • Overload stop with a force limit of 1000 % the nominal (rated) force
  • Drag-chain-compatible PU cable with low force shunt, resistant to many oils and chemicals

Flexible, rugged and protected against overloads – for maximum safety

Immediately ready for use

  • Many common cable lengths available
  • Ready-assembled connectors for HBM measuring amplifiers available
  • Many configurations available on stock: If needed, with TEDS electronic data sheet for immediate setup in your data acquisition system, knuckle eyes and calibration services

Time-saving plug and play solutions: Inconvenient on-site soldering and connector assembly are eliminated

Many accessories available

  • Knuckle eyes
  • Connection cables

For further information see the data sheet