Belt Misalignment

Rub Block Door Assemblies

Rub Block Door Assemblies

Electro-Sensors offers 3 types of rub block door assemblies:

Standard Hinged Door allows for quick and easy inspection of belts and replacement of worn rub blocks – Saves time and promotes regular maintenance inspections.

Unistrut Mounting Bracket Door is designed to have the rub block mounted on one side of the bracket facing the belt and Unistrut can be directly connected to the other side. Allows easy vertical and horizontal adjustment of the rub block placement for proper belt misalignment monitoring – No need for expensive and time consuming custom mounting brackets.

Adjustable Rub Block Door for enclosed conveyors or equipment with frames that interfere with optimum sensor mounting. This mounting assembly is a hinged door with slots for attaching the rub block and sensor. After installing the door and sensor, the rub block can be slid approximately one inch into its sensing position – Allows the rub block to be moved into the corner or bottom of a frame so that belt misalignment can be quickly detected in previously difficult to reach locations.