Rotary Position Sensors

RCP09 Midpot Rotary Potentiometer

RCP09 Midpot Rotary Potentiometer

Product Brand: Penny & Giles

Supplied in size 09 synchro mount size, automatic trimming of linearity and resistance by profiling of the resistive element maintains consistent high quality.

Flush-bonded, conductive-plastic track
Multi-fingered precious metal wipers for low noise and long life
Stainless-steel, ball-race bearings
Rapid delivery
Exact setting of pre-load on the stainless steel ball races supporting the shaft, eliminates shaft radial and axial play throughout the life of the potentiometer and provides excellent vibration and shock performance.

Multi-finger, precious-metal sliding contacts combined with conductive plastic resistive and collector tracks result in high reliability, long life, low output noise and virtually infinite resolution.

Electrical angle – 342° (±2°)
Resistance – 5 Kohm (±20%)
Independant linearity – ±0.35%
Resolution – virtually iInfinite
Power dissipation @ 20°C – 1.5W maximum
Operating temperature range – -25°C to +90°C
Operating life – Greater than 50-million rotations
Availability – from stock
Suited to a wide range of industrial applications.