QuantumX - Universal/Modular

QuantumX MX879B Multi-IO Module

QuantumX MX879B Multi-IO Module

The multi I/O module with an active response option to measurement results

Do you want to precisely acquire and actively respond to measurement data – in real time or on-line using PC-based software?

The MX879B multi I/O module has eight freely configurable analog outputs (± 10 V) and 32 digital inputs/outputs, thus upgrading QuantumX series measurement modules with an active response option.

The module offers a flexible mathematics unit to facilitate real-time calculations. Computations on any type of analog inputs or bus signals can be performed directly in the module and output – the ideal solution for prompt responses (determinism). The function library offers computation (adding, subtracting, multiplying, matrix, root mean square value) and, in addition, signal analysis for monitoring limit and peak values. Furthermore, any type of signal curve can be loaded and directly output as stimulus.

The comprehensive software package comprises drivers for programming in LabVIEW™ and .NET. HBM’s catman®AP software tool facilitates parameterization, computation, visualization and analysis of your test – without any programming skills. Calculations and responses can thus also be generated on-line or on the PC level – the optimal solution for responses that are not time-critical and compatible with direct control.

Be it in the laboratory, in the test bench or in measurements in the field – the MX879B multi-I/O module is versatile and upgrades the universal measurement modules from the QuantumX series with useful functions.