QuantumX - Universal/Modular

QuantumX MX878B Analog Output Module

QuantumX MX878B Analog Output Module

Analog outputs for durability testing of system parts or components

High performance and multiple functions – these are strengths offered by the MX878B module which seamlessly integrates with the universal and distributable QuantumX series.

The module is ideally suited for durability testing of system parts or components used in the aerospace or automotive industry as well as in railroad, structural or mechanical engineering. This involves output of load and setpoint profiles as stimuli for dynamic tests and for continuous fatigue life investigation.

However, that’s not all. MX878B has more to offer: It transforms measured sensor values directly to a voltage signal, e.g. for flexible integration into an existing test bench control system (force, strain, pressure, temperature, etc.). The measurement signals can also be computed and output in real time using algebraic operations such as PID controller, addition, multiplication and matrix calculation are available for this purpose.

The module provides 8 analog voltage outputs with additional real-time functions thus upgrading other modules such as MX840B. The measurement quantities or signals (CAN) are acquired …

  • … in real time and sent to MX878B as digital values,
  • … if desired, set off against each other,
  • …and output as analog voltage signal in the range of ±10V.

When digital inputs or outputs are required in addition, the QuantumX MX879B can be used.

The QuantumX MX878B supports catman Easy/AP software. Furthermore, integration with LabVIEW™, VisualStudio™.NET, CANape or DIAdem is not a problem. The module can be easily and intuitively configured using free QuantumX Assistant software.