QuantumX - Universal/Modular

QuantumX MX471B CANbus module

QuantumX MX471B CANbus module

CAN bus Module for Easy Integration of up to 4 CAN Networks

The QuantumX MX471 CAN bus module allows the simultaneous integration of up to four CAN networks into the QuantumX data acquisition system and can be expanded as required. The module, combined with analog measurement modules, is ideally suited for use in mobile vehicle tests and as a measurement gateway in test benches.

Owing to its modular approach, any number of CAN nodes can be simultaneously integrated and any number of CAN signals can be acquired.

The module’s powerful Gateway Mode allows up to 200 analog or digital input signals to be transmitted to the test bench control system or any data recorder. This enables the QuantumX to be integrated as a stand-alone system. Additionally, the messages can be split up, as required, and reassembled, for instance, to set up a CAN-2-CAN gateway.

With the channel in the Recorder Mode, any number of signals, such as vehicle speed, steering wheel position or brake command can be acquired simultaneously with the analog CAN bus inputs and used, for instance, to trigger data storage and data analysis. All the acquired signals can also be output in real time (analog or digital, for instance, EtherCAT).


  • Synchronous integration of up to four CAN channels with high signal counts
  • A single device for receiving data, changing the data type and compilation, and sending data
  • High data transfer rates of up to 4 MBit/s

Signal reception and transmission with a high data throughput

High connectivity

  • Efficient integration of up to four CAN networks
  • Compatible with many protocols such as CAN 2.0 A/B, CCP, xCP-on-CAN, and J1939
  • Easy linking via Ethernet or FireWire

Flexible integration into various networks owing to many supported protocols

Universal use

  • Four individually configurable, electrically isolated channels
  • Ideal for measurements with multiple CAN bus systems (individually configurable channels)
  • Packet generation and transmission of analog inputs via CAN messages (Gateway Mode)
  • Extensive range of accessories: Cables, connectors, drivers, and a software package

Synchronous recording of bus signals, completely synchronous with the analog sensor data provided by other MX modules, owing to optimal integration into the QuantumX family

QuantumX MX471B – Classical CAN

  • Data rate: up to 1 MBit/s
  • Protocols: CAN 2.0 A/B, CCP, xCP-on-CAN, J1939
  • Interfaces: Ethernet, FireWire, integration with the backplane

QuantumX MX471C – CAN FD

  • Data rate: up tp 4 MBit/s
  • Protocols: ISO CAN FD 11898-1:2015, CAN 2.0 A/B
  • Interfaces: Gigabit-Ethernet, FireWire, integration with the backplane