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QuantumX MX1616B 16-channel Bridge Amplifier

QuantumX MX1616B 16-channel Bridge Amplifier

Strain gauge amplifier – QuantumX MX1615B / MX1616B

The strain gauge amplifiers, QuantumX MX1615B and QuantumX MX1616B, are suitable for precise and safe data acquisition of strain gauges in full-bridge, half-bridge and quarter-bridge configuration, as well as for strain gauge based transducers, potentiometers, resistance thermometers (PT100) or normalized voltage (+/- 10V). This means that this data acquisition unit is an ideal choice whenever strains, forces and displacements are acquired and also temperature influences play a role, too.

The MX1615B and MX1616B modules are equipped with 16 sensor inputs, arranged in a very compact housing. As a result, the MX1615B and MX1616B offer an unrivaled channel density in a small space. Typical application areas include static stress tests for FEM models, quasi-dynamic fatigue tests for life analysis, monitoring tasks, material investigations, residual stress analysis, maintenance tasks (e.g. for mechanical testing of PCB circuit boards), as well as for general recording of the load data in the field.

Like all QuantumX data acquisition modules, the MX1615B / MX1616B modules offer instant sensor detection via TEDS (“Plug & Measure”), and can be combined and scaled freely with all other QuantumX modules.

MX1615B: 120 or 350 ohm bridge completion (for quarter bridge input)
MX1616B: 350 or 1000 ohm bridge completion (for quarter bridge input)


  • Patented circuitry (4-, 5-, 6-conductor technology, carrier frequency technology, as well as cyclic auto-adjustment on all channels)
  • Robust mechanism, which prevents electromagnetic and thermal interferences in the measurement result (e.g. due to inverter, high currents, electrical machines or temperature influences)
  • Individually configurable measuring rates up to 20 kS/s per channel and with high signal bandwidth.

Accurate, interference-free measurement results – for dynamic as well as static measurements. Thanks to the carrier-frequency method, you can count on clear results even when very high interferences occur and long cables are used.

Time-saving and efficient

  • Plug & Measure – the automatic channel configuration for each sensor
  • Instant calibration of sensors or plausibility check by internal shunt connection
  • Fast instrumentation using push-in plugs
  • Distributed concept and short, prefabricated sensor cables

Realize time and efficiency gains in measurement and analysis: through intelligently combined measurement chains and plug & measure technology. Mechanical voltages can be immediately visualized, stored or digitally forwarded.

Easy to integrate

  • Suitable for a wide range of ambient temperatures (-20 ° C … + 65 ° C) with a robust design
  • Instant results with the help of the HBM catman software for data recording and data analysis
  • Real-time integration on the Ethernet fieldbus (CX27B), CAN (MX471B), or voltage output (MX878B)
  • Open software concept (Visual Studio .NET, LabVIEW, etc.)

A strain gauge amplifier that fits into your system landscape. That’s how easy it is!