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QuantumX MX1609KB Thermocouple Amplifier

QuantumX MX1609KB Thermocouple Amplifier

For Highly Dynamic Temperature Measurements with up to 600 Hz per Channel

QuantumX MX1609KB and QuantumX MX1609TB thermocouple modules measure temperatures precisely with an accuracy of up to ± 0.1°C. Their extremely short response time makes them ideal for dynamic measurement tasks in research and development. With 16 electrically isolated, freely scalable connector sockets, QuantumX MX1609KB and QuantumX MX1609TB acquire a multidimensional image of the job set-up, for example in complex climate models.

The devices are perfectly integrated into the QuantumX family and can be easily connected to existing systems with Ethernet and Firewire. Quantum MX1609KB is suitable for type K thermocouples, for measuring temperatures between –100 and +1300°C. The Quantum MX1609 series offers top quality with an outstanding price-to-performance ratio. For more challenging tasks in an electrical environment, the QuantumX MX809B isolated thermocouple data acquisition module is available.

  • Accuracy: Up to 0.1°C
  • Sample rate: Up to 600 Hz per channel
  • Measurement inputs: Thermo mini socket type K (green)

Precise measurements

  • Exact measurements, accurate to within ± 0.1 °C
  • Optimized signal conditioning with cold junctions directly on each socket
  • Interference-resistant data acquisition with electrically isolated channels
  • Low-noise results with active low-pass filters (Bessel, Butterworth)

Exact measurement results owing to individual cold junctions and optional linearization

For complex tasks

  • Fast response times for highly dynamic temperature measurements
  • Multidimensional measurement images with 16 individually scalable channels\
  • Detailed results with sample rates up to 600 Hz per channel

For multidimensional measurements with 16 individually configurable channels

Easy integration

  • Perfectly integrated into the Quantum family
  • Optimum connection with Ethernet and Firewire interfaces
  • Extensive selection of accessories cables, drivers and catman software

Fast to use thanks to easy connectability and integrability