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QuantumX MX1601B 16-channel Universal Amplifier

QuantumX MX1601B 16-channel Universal Amplifier

16 Channels for Precise Measurement up to 0.03%

The QuantumX MX1601B measuring amplifier processes common measurement quantities, mainly physical, mechanical, thermal, hydraulic, and pneumatic quantities. It is particularly well-suited for universal measurement tasks in research and development, e.g. for applications in the aerospace as well as in the automotive and machine building industries. The 16 electrically isolated, individually configurable channels provided by the QuantumX MX1601B make it unique in the industry and the ideal fit for three-dimensional measurements with accelerometers. The QuantumX MX1601B has measuring inputs for voltage (±100 mV; ±10 V; ±60 V), current (20 mA), and current-fed, piezoelectric IEPE sensors. Due to its active low-pass filters, the measuring amplifier provides low-noise, high-resolution results up to accuracy class 0.03. It is fully compatible with all QuantumX modules and very easy to integrate – also in the control cabinet. It is ready for immediate use and requires no soldering of contacts due to push-in connector technology. Additionally, TEDS enables the sensors to be quickly and conveniently integrated with the measurement chain. QuantumX MX1601B offers high-end quality technology at a very attractive price per channel.

  • Accuracy class: up to 0.03
  • Sample rate: up to 20,000 Hz per channel
  • Measuring inputs: 100 mV, 10 V, 60 V, 20 mA, as well as IEPE


  • Accurate measurement attributed to the 0.03 accuracy class
  • Integrated delta-sigma-analog-to-digital converter (24 bit)
  • Digital low-pass filters (Bessel, Butterworth, linear phase)
  • Sample rates of up to 20 kS/s per channel and a signal bandwidth of up to 3 kHz
  • Interference-free signal path due to electrically isolated channels

Precise and low-noise results due to galvanically isolated channels and digital filters.


  • 16 channels that can be individually configured
  • Measuring inputs for voltage (±100 mV; ±10 V; ±60 V) and current (20 mA)
  • Also for active, current-fed, piezoelectric sensors (IEPE)
  • Wide input voltage range (0.1 V to 60 V)

Suited to be used in complex measurement tasks due to 16 individually configurable channels.


  • Fully compatible with all QuantumX modules
  • Ready for immediate use due to push-in connector technology
  • Convenient mounting in control cabinets due to connectors
  • TEDS allows easy sensor replacement and configuration
  • Wide range of accessories: Cables, carriers, drivers, and catman software
  • Optimal connectivity due to Ethernet and FireWire interfaces

Ready for immediate use due to push-in connectors and TEDS technology