QuantumX - Universal/Modular

QuantumX CX27C Gateway Module

QuantumX CX27C Gateway Module

Real-Time Bench Automation and Data Analysis

The QuantumX CX27C gateway module is the key to many different measurement chain configurations – without compromise.

It enables both time-synchronous metrological analysis of the test specimen and integration with test bench automation und thus real-time testing.

Sensor information from up to 24 QuantumX or SomatXR modules can be acquired simultaneously and up to 199 signals can be integrated, in parallel and in real-time. The CX27C gateway module is particularly flexible due to the various possibilities of data integration:

  • Integration via Ethernet TCP/IP into the catman data acquisition software or any other software
  • Real-time integration via EtherCAT or PROFINET IRT
  • Integration via XCP-on-Ethernet into any CAL software

Quickly and easily integrate QuantumX

wide range of synchronization options such as EtherCAT™, PROFINET or Ethernet IEEE1588:2008 PTPv2 and NTP are available to quickly and easily integrate the powerful data acquisition system QuantumX into a wide range of test environments.

The CX27C gateway makes the QuantumX ideal for the following applications:

  • Structural and thermal durability
  • Engine and powertrains
  • Development of new functions for control units


High flexibility

  • Collect measurement data using QuantumX and catman
  • Real-time integration (EtherCAT or PROFINET IRT) via XCP-on-Ethernet
  • Universal channels enable use of any sensor
  • Ideal for constantly new requirements and demanding tasks

For test sample analysis and real-time automation using Ethernet, EtherCAT, PROFINET or XCP-on-Ethernet in parallel.

High performance

  • 2 MS/s Ethernet data throughput
  • 199 real-time signals in parallel on a millisecond time grid
  • Unique parallel operation of the 4 bus connections, e.g.
    • EtherCAT + Ethernet
    • PROFINET + Ethernet
    • EtherCAT und XCP-on-Ethernet
    • Multiple CX27C in one system: EtherCAT + EtherCAT + PROFINET
    • XCP-on-Ethernet and CAN FD with MX471C
High parallel data throughput owing to two signal paths

Fast configuration

  • Automatic configuration due to automapping
  • Multiple synchronization options (PTPv2, EtherCAT, PROFINET, FireWire…)
  • Free and easy-to-use configuration software (MX Assistant)
  • Ideal for constantly changing and demanding tasks

Fast signal integration using automatic channel parameterization (TEDS) and automapping.