QuantumX - Universal/Modular

QuantumX CX27B EtherCAT Gateway

QuantumX CX27B EtherCAT Gateway

Real-Time Bench Automation and Data Analysis

Get maximum flexibility in testing and integrate up to 199 sensors to EtherCAT simultaneously and in real-time. QuantumX is the ideal choice for quick results; in both basic and fully automated development test benches with small to high channel counts such as component, powertrain or durability test benches.

QuantumX CX27B offers EtherCAT integration with real-time cycle times in the millisecond range and in parallel data streaming via Ethernet TCP/IP for flexible time synchronous analysis of the test specimen.

When combined with HBM’s catman PC software, sensor and signal data can be viewed, analyzed, and recorded with sample rates up to 100 kS/s per channel, without affecting real-time automation tasks. The gateway modules perfectly play with the QuantumX and the ultra-rugged SomatXR family, even in a distributable way.

Integration is quick and easy by using automatic sensor recognition (TEDS), auto mapping function or parameter file generation and some diagnosis services.

  • Input type: all typical sensors and signals in the mechanical, thermal, electrical world\
  • Real-time / turnaround time: 1 ms, up to 199 signals
  • Sample rate per channel: up to 100 kS/s per channel via Ethernet TCP/IP
  • System layout: distributed units by single cable or rack / cabinet mounted

Outstanding precision and quality

  • High quality of data
  • Noise robust overall system concept
  • High data rates per channel (100 kS/s)
  • Wide temperature range

Precise results due to high accuracy and noise robustness

High flexibility

  • Universal channels enables use of any sensor
  • Ideal for constantly new requirements and demanding tasks
  • Real-time and flexible data analysis in parallel
  • Suitable for low to high channel counts

High flexibility in testing saves time or allows more

Fast configuration

  • Flexible combination of any modules (distributed or rack-mounted)
  • Automatic channel configuration (TEDS)
  • Automatic signal mapping to real-time bus
  • Free and easy-to-use configuration software (generates configuration file)

Convenient system integration for quicker results in testing