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QDRK 213TC Quadrature Ring Kit

QDRK 213TC Quadrature Ring Kit

The QDRK 213TC Quadrature Ring Kit provides a digital, quadrature (bi-directional) feedback signal from motors with NEMA C Face end bells. The QDRK Series is designed for use with electronic control equipment requiring rotational direction information. Two signals, approximately 90° out of phase, are produced by the sensor. When the leading edge of signal A precedes the leading edge of signal B, shaft rotation is forward. When the reverse is true, the monitored shaft is rotating in the opposite direction.

The QDRK Ring Kit consists of three components the NEMA-C Frame Ring, a Quadrature Hall Effect Sensor, and a Magnet Wheel mounted on a hub bored to fit the size of the monitored shaft. A special sensor mounting assembly has been added to the standard DRK Ring Kits to ensure proper mounting of the Quadrature Sensor.

* Quadrature Output Signal
* Non-Contacting Sensing
* No Bearing to Wear Out
* Fits NEMA Frame Motor End Bells
* Signal Transmission Up to 1500 Feet
* No Minimum Speed Requirement
* Optional: Special size hubs available – Consult Factory

QDRK 213TC Fits NEMA Motor Frame: 213TC, 215TC, 254UC & 256UC; 1-3/8″ Bore.

Standard QDRK 213TC Ring Kit Comprises: 213TC Aluminum Ring, 1-3/8″ Magnet Wheel, 1202 Quadrature Hall Effect Sensor (60PPR).