String (Draw Wire) Potentiometers

PT8232 Heavy Industrial RS232

PT8232 Heavy Industrial RS232

The PT8000 series is part of our industrial line of cable-extension transducers. Designed for rugged environments, the PT8000 series is a workhorse for applications such as metal forming, wet-end paper processing and injection molding. Measurement ranges up to 60 inches. Environmental suitability: NEMA 6, IP68. RS232

This PT8000 Series is a proven, rugged workhorse. It is applied to automated equipment in mining, steel and paper processing, injection molding, and hydraulic actuator feedback. Thousands of configurations are available to exactly meet application requirements and lead times are frequently 1-2 weeks. Hazardous area certified units are available. Cable-Actuated Sensors are easy and quick to install as critical alignment is not required. They retract to a height a fraction of the measurement range and provide a highly repeatable, high-resolution output.

• 60” (1.5m) Linear Measurement Range
• Heavy Industrial Environments
• Aluminum or Stainless Steel Enclosure Options
• IP68/NEMA 6 Protection

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