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CX Series Precision mV/V Transfer Standard

CX Series Precision mV/V Transfer Standard

Model CX Series Precision mV/V Transfer Standard is the most accurate load cell simulator in the market. Since this product is NIST Traceable, it can be used to calibrate and check instruments in an accredited lab.

  • Most accurate load cell simulator
  • Special low thermal EMF construction
  • Each unit individually calibrated, aged and recalibrated
  • Strong, rugged design
  • Instrument substitution testing

Models CX-0202, CX-0610, CX-0440, CS-0330, and CX-0220 are used for setting up and checking the Gold StandardTM System Hardware.

Models CX-0440, CX-0330, and CX-0220 are single-step mV/V transfer standards providing precision outputs of ±4, ±3, and ±2 mV/V respectively.

Model CX-0610 is a multi-step unit that allows the user to go from -6 mV/V to +6 mV/V in 1 mV/V steps.

Model CX-0404 is specifically designed for instrument substitution testing as per ASTM E74.