Signal Conditioning

PMX Modular Amplifier System

PMX Modular Amplifier System

PMX Data Acquisition and Control System For Test Benches and Production

PMX is an accurate, reliable and flexible measurement instrument ideally suited to process high data volumes for multi-channel applications. The acquired data is processed and issued through industrial Ethernet interfaces. An easy-to-use web interface is provided via the TCP/IP interface for diagnosis and setup. Smaller automation tasks can be implemented directly via the internal Soft PLC in accordance with IEC-61131.

  • 2-16 channels per module (individually extendable)
  • Accuracy class of 0.05 with an integrated calibration certificate
  • Interfaces: Profinet, EtherCAT, Ethernet IP, TCP/IP
  • IoT-ready (Internet of Things): applications such as remote diagnosis and web integration


  • All of the measurement data can be traced via the calibration protocol saved directly in the device (in accordance with EN10204)
  • Continuous digital signal conditioning for force, pressure, displacement, and temperature transducers, as well as torque sensors, angle of rotation, encoder, and standard signals
  • High bandwidth and sample rate for industrial Ethernet interfaces.

Safe, verifiable and trustworthy measurement data. Reliable data acquisition of mechanical and electrical variables.


  • Equipped individually according to the measured variables and interfaces you require
  • When using several PMX modules: automatic synchronization, simple connection per cable
  • LabVIEW/DIAdem driver and API available

Individually arranged and easy to integrate in software test bench: PMX is perfectly suited to your area of application.

Easy to operate

  • Start-up and diagnosis via web interface (WEB-GUI)
  • Optionally integrated SoftPLC according to IEC-61131
  • Supports automatic sensor detection via TEDS
  • Computed channels for processing and analyzing signals are easy to parameterize

A high-quality data acquisition system that is as easy to operate as a modern smartphone: start-up, remote diagnosis, parameterization of the entire measurement chain – it can all be conducted via simply designed browser interfaces.

PMX Data Acquisition System

  • Many plug-in cards for data acquisition and interface connection available eplan
  • Software drivers for API, LabVIEW and DIAdem
  • Free download of ePlan macro files

Please check data sheet and operating manual for further information.

Basic Device

Wall or DIN rail-mount basic device (WGX)

WGX002 basic device

  • Wall or DIN rail-mount basic device for 5 PMX modules for up to four measurement or two I/O modules and one real-time Ethernet fieldbus module.
  • Max. 16 measurement inputs with 24-bit A/D converter and up to 38.4 kHz sampling rate per channel.
  • 32 real-time calculation channels with peak/limit values and mathematical and scientific functions.
  • Short setup time and test cycles thanks to up to 1000 parameter sets/measurement programs stored in the PMX.
  • USB 2.0 host interface.
  • Integrated, password-protected 3-level user interface (worker/service/administrator)

WGX001 basic device

  • Specifications: Identical with WGX002
  • With additional CODESYS Soft PLC (IEC61131-3) as well as web visualization and CANopen (ISO11898) interface.

Plug-in Cards

PX401 – Measurement module for analog input signals and active sensors

HBM accuracy class: 0.1

  • Four-channel measurement module.
  • Analog input signals and active sensors (+/-10 V voltage, +/-20 mA current).
  • Including sensor supply and 1-Wire-TEDS (sensor identification).

PX455 – Measurement module for full and half bridges, force transducers and load cells

HBM accuracy class: for full bridge 0.05 – for half bridge 0.1

  • Four-channel measurement module.
  • Measurement module for full and half bridges, force transducers and load cells (strain gauges, inductive sensors, LVDT, potentiometric sensors).
  • Including 0-Wire-TEDS (sensor identification).
  • In combination with SD01A Zener barriers, sensors can also be operated as intrinsically safe devices in potentially explosive atmospheres, measurement circuit type (Ex II (1) GD, [EEx ia]IIC).
  • Piezoresistive full bridge
  • Resistance thermometer (Pt 100)

PX460 – Measuring card for frequency measurements and counters

HBM accuracy class: 0.01

  • Four-channel measurement module.
  • Four torque flanges (T10, T12, T40) for torque or rotational speed measurement.
  • Channels 1 and 3: Frequency measurement.
  • Channels 2 and 4: Frequency (digital,/inductive), counter, encoder, SSI, PWM (TMC protocol soon available).
  • Including two times shunt calibration and two times 1-Wire-TEDS (sensor identification).

PX878 – Multi-I/O Module with digital and analog outputs

HBM accuracy class: 0.1

  • Eight digital inputs, eight digital outputs, five analog outputs (± 10 V).
  • I/O functions are freely adjustable.
  • Measurement channels or calculation channels can be output via the analog signals.

Industrial Ethernet Interface Cards

  • PMX can optionally be equipped with a ProfiNET, EtherCAT or Ethernet/IP interface.
  • All modules have been certified in compliance with the user organization.
  • A device description file is included in delivery
  • PX01PN: Real-time Ethernet card (ProfiNET device) for automation tasks via ProfiNET (RT and IRT protocol).
  • PX01EC: Real-time Ethernet card (EtherCAT slave, up to 9.6 kHz frame rate).
  • PX01EP: Ethernet/IP interface card for integrating PMX with Ethernet/IP networks.


PMX Software – fast access to production data — flexible and easy to use

PMX WebServer – integrated in the device: Standardized software interfaces ensure access to all device parameters for configuration, control and analysis. Completely new software and control technology, so far only known from smart phones and tablet PCs, has been used for the first time in test and measurement technology.

  • PMX-WebServer integrated in the device.
  • Three different user levels with corresponding user rights are available to ensure access to the PMX and the process.
  • Standardized software interfaces ensure access to all device parameters for configuration, control and analysis.
  • Ethernet technologies and Internet now also allow cost savings in remote maintenance.
  • Complex and error-prone software installation belongs to the past.
  • Users and administrators benefit from easy, intuitive control.

Measurement data analysis and quality assurance using other software:

CATman is the professional tool for measurement engineers and the measured data can be saved in different formats, for example BIN, RPCIII, MAT, ASCII or XLS.

The PMX driver package allows integration into LabVIEW™, DIAdem™, MLab (sd.Solutions) or proprietary software using .NET API (C++, C#, VB.NET).