General-Purpose Sound & Vibration Analyzers

PHOTON+  Dynamic Signal Analyzer

PHOTON+ Dynamic Signal Analyzer

PHOTON+ is a versatile analyzer for sound and vibration measurements, recording, and signal post-processing. It consists of a small data acquisition hardware unit and PC software. It is quick to setup, and gives instant data verification on site, by processing results immediately. The user can switch between real-time measurements, recording and post-processing with one click. Each specific noise and vibration application has a corresponding software package designed and optimized for ease of use.


  • General sound and vibration recording and analysis, such as troubleshooting
  • Production quality testing of consumer goods, such as quick pass/fail measurements according to a tolerance curve
  • Recording of vehicle intake and exhaust noise levels for benchmarking competitor vehicles
  • Hammer testing for structural analysis of components in the laboratory or in the field


As well as being compact, light and easy to carry, the PHOTON+ is designed for plug-and-play setup, using a USB connection. The USB connection gives power at the same time – avoiding the need for an external power supply. Meanwhile, power for CCLD sensors is built in, avoiding the need for external signal conditioning. Up to four transducers can be connected, and there is an additional connection for an output signal.

All inputs have both analogue and digital filters, providing complete alias protection and ensuring full data integrity.


  • Low-level acoustic and vibration testing with low measurement noise floor
  • High precision measurements with 24-bit inputs including full anti-alias protection
  • Versatile input types with multiple input ranges
  • Real-time measurement and simultaneous recording


  • For more advanced structural dynamics testing, an additional software package gives shock response spectrum analysis, real-time order tracking, swept-sine measurements, and automated testing
  • Photon+ is a limited system so it cannot expand to include more channels. For the potential for larger systems and broader software capabilities, see our LAN-XI data acquisition systems and hardware.


You can get Photon+ in a complete package with the option for the PULSE Reflex PC software for data viewing, time editing and data management, with software maintenance updates, and with expert support

  • Video: Basic FRF measurement using PHOTON+ and RT Pro