Perception – Basic FFT option

Perception – Basic FFT option

The Perception software not only offers a powerful and extremely fast time domain display of live and stored data, the Basic FFT option also enables to transfer the data into the frequency domain and to display amplitudes over frequency. Therefore the user can obtain valuable information about the content of mixed signals like vibrations, shocks or noisy signals beyond what is visible in a time domain display.

The Basic FFT option offers the most common and useful single channel analysis functions like FFT or Linear Spectrum, Power Spectrum, PSD, ESD and others.

A broad selection of weighting windows and averaging options turn the Perception software into an entry level signal analysis tool.

And best, all of this can be done with data acquired with all recording systems supported by Perception, as our state of
the art GEN DAQ product flagship, our rugged LIBERTY DAQ, or our Dimension or Sigma data recorders.

Even legacy products like BE256, MultiPro or the legendary Vision – as all supported by Perception – can be turned into a Dynamic Signal Analyzer by this new option.