Strain Transducers

PACEline CST/300 Piezo Strain Sensor

PACEline CST/300 Piezo Strain Sensor

CST/300 Strain Transducer: A Sensitive Sensor with a Large Measuring Range

The CST/300 piezoelectric strain transducer precisely measures the strain in a very broad measuring range up to 300 µm/m. Owing to its exceptionally high sensitivity, it is suitable for applications with a very low strain level, for instance, for indirect force measurement in presses and welding systems in the industry or for crimping in cable production.

The CST/300 is mounted on the structure that is to be monitored with a single screw; no drilling template or similar tools are required. The strain transducer measures the strain resulting from the application of a force to the target object and converts it into a charge signal. A calibration enables the active force to be correlated with the transducer’s output signal, at a high measurement quality, even in components designed with a high stiffness and low strain level.

Electrical isolation allows the direct mounting of the charge amplifiers and summing boxes from HBM that perfectly match the CST/300; no insulating washers are required.

Due to its compact dimensions, the CST/300 can be ideally used in applications where little space is available It is suitable for many industrial applications, owing to its robust measuring body, IP65 degree of protection, and insensitivity to acceleration. Besides the piezoelectric strain transducers, HBM also offers strain transducers based on strain gauges as well as a wide range of strain gauges that meet the many different requirements required in strain measurement for indirect force measurement.

  • HBM accuracy class: 2
  • Nominal strain: 300 µm/m
  • Dimensions: 46 mm x 17 mm x 12 mm

Easy installation where little space is available

  • Force shunt measurement where little space is available
  • Very compact, with dimensions of only 46 mm x 17 mm x 12 mm
  • Easy and reliable installation with a single screw

For demanding measurements that require a compact design and a broad measuring range

Wide measuring range and high sensitivity

  • High resolution even with the smallest signals
  • Precise measurement of minimal strain due to high sensitivity
  • High-quality results owing to low-drift design
  • Noise-free data transmission because of a high-grade, fixed coaxial cable

Precise strain measurement even in very stiff structures because of a high sensitivity

Extensive accessories for industrial applications

  • Robust measuring body made from stainless steel materials
  • Long-term resistance in industrial environments due to the IP65 degree of protection
  • Insensitive to fast acceleration due to its high-impact resistance
  • Matching and electrically-isolated amplifiers and summing boxes available

Suitable for industrial environments due to a high impact resistance and the IP65 degree of protection

Extensive range of accessories

  • Various cables
  • Summing boxes for connecting sensors in parallel
  • Prestressing sets for convenient installation
  • Coupling for extending the cable