PACEline CLP Piezoelectric Force Washer

PACEline CLP Piezoelectric Force Washer

PACEline CLP Piezoelectric Subminiature Load Washer: Capacities From 3 kN to 80 kN

PACEline CLP piezoelectric load washers have a very low height of 3 to 5 mm. The sensors enable force to be measured at locations where standard force sensors cannot be installed. The sensors have an integrated cable (either 0.5 or 1 m long) and are a cost-effective way to allow for piezoelectric measurements to be taken.

By combining CLP load washers with different mounting directions of at least two CSW load washers, very small measurement systems can be set up to measure forces in different directions simultaneously.

  • Capacities: 3 kN to 80 kN
  • HBM accuracy class: 1

Fit for all standard screw connections ranging from M2.5 to M14

The piezoelectric miniature force washers of the PACEline CLP series are now available in three new capacities (3 kN, 14 kN, and 36 kN). This means for you that PACEline CLP is now available for all industry-standard screw connections ranging from M2.5 to M14. The tiny force sensors can be installed in very small setups, without the need to resize or adapt the screw or bolt connections.

Minimal space required

  • 3 mm (CLP/3KN) to 5 mm (CLP/80 KN) height
  • 12 mm and 36 mm outside diameter
  • Also for use under difficult EMC conditions
  • Robust due to stainless steel materials and IP65 degree of protection (i.a. through integrated cable with different lengths)

Absolutely reliable force measurement, even where space is a constraint.

Dynamic and wide measurement range

  • Fundamental frequencies in the kHz range due to extremely stiff design
  • All sensors of the CLP family have the same sensitivity
  • Low drift and high quality
  • The output signal depends only on the type of installation and the force applied.

ONE sensor for a huge measurement range – from a few Newtons to several kilo-Newtons.

Well-thought-through accessories

  • Industry tried and tested charge amplifiers – even with higher IP65 degree of protection
  • Summing boxes and amplifiers are galvanically isolated from the test object to which they are installed
  • Wide choice of low-noise cables and extension adapters, available in practical lengths and with plugs suitable for the charge amplifier

Perfect accessories allow for fast installation of your measurement system. No additional insulation washers required for installation (due to galvanic isolation)

Extensive range of accessories

  • Various cables
  • Summing boxes for connecting sensors in parallel
  • Pre-stressing sets for convenient installation
  • Coupling for cable extension