Pressure Transducers



P8AP – Absolute Pressure Transducer for Static and Dynamic Liquid and Gas Pressures

Absolute pressure transducers of the P8AP type series are suitable for measuring static and dynamic liquid and gas pressures. They are available for the measuring ranges 0…10, 0…20, 0…50, 0…100, 0…200 and 0…500 bar. Whatever the mounting position, these small and handy transducers can be used even when space is tight.

Because of its high overload capacity, the P8AP transducer is used in many measurement applications, for example in mobile testing or mobile test benches. For mobile weighing applications, the pressure transducer is used as a diaphragm type load cell with the type name P8WT. It is legal for trade per OIML R60 up to 300 divisions.

IP 67 protection is guaranteed for both transducer types.

With a redesigned housing and optimized cable outlet, P8AP offers an optimized vibration resistance. Stresses arising from any forces acting on the substantially more robust cable are distributed efficiently to further improve performance.

The P8AP can be connected in 6-wire circuit to effectively eliminate accuracy losses resulting from longer cable lengths.

The transducer is also available in the high-temperature versions T2, T9, and TH for a maximum of 140 degree Celsius.

Key Features

Strain-gauge sensor 2mV/V
No sealing between pressure connection and strain-gauge sensor; no filling liquid
Rapid and easy installation
Various optional pressure connections
Corrosion-resistant material
Mounting position as desired
For static and dynamic pressure
Excellent price/performance ratio
Transducer for
absolute pressure
Accuracy class [%]
Service range [%]
Nominal temperature
[°C ]

Max. medium temperature
[°C ]

+100 / +140
Nominal meas. range in bar, 0
10, 20, 50, 100, 200, 500
Measuring system
Output signal
2 mV/V
Electrical connection
Cable, 5m
Mechanical connection