Pressure Transducers

P3 Top Class

P3 Top Class

P3 Top Class – Pressure Transducer for Maximum Precision

The HBM P3 “Top Class” pressure transducer series is unbeatable when it comes to precision. Because “Top Class” stands for pressure measurement at excellent accuracy (with accuracy classes between 0.1 and 0.2, depending on the measuring range). In addition, PT100 allows temperature compensation.

Further special characteristics prove that the transducers are “Top Class”: Compact size, robust and reliable design and a monolithic measuring body, with very tight sensitivity tolerances.

Documented accuracy: Every P3 “Top Class” transducer comes with a detailed manufacturing certificate providing a clear overview of the individual data of each transducer.

P3 “Top Class” tranducers are also available with Lemo standard connectors – ideal for use in industrial applications.

P3 “Top Class” is available for measuring ranges from 0 to 3,000 bar.