Pressure Transducers

P3 Top Class BlueLine

P3 Top Class BlueLine

P3 Top Class BlueLine – Absolute Pressure Transducer for Highest Pressures at Highest Accuracy

Highest pressures ranging between 5,000 and 15,000 bar need to be measured in an increasing number of industrial applications such as autofrettage, high-pressure applications or hydraulic test stands.

HBM’s BlueLine series has set standards in ultra high-pressure measurement for many years.

The P3 Top Class BlueLine model now provides a series of pressure transducers that also sets standards in terms of accuracy at highest pressures (for example, with an accuracy class of 0.25 at 5,000 bar).

Furthermore, P3 Top Class BlueLine offers enhanced temperature behavior and tight sensitivity tolerance. More detailed, individual manufacturing certificates for each transducer ensure a higher level of transparency.

The extra accuray does not negatively affect the quality and reliability of P3 Top Class BlueLine transducers. All pressure transducers of the series feature a monolithic measuring body without welded seams – and are corrosion resistant. Thanks to its Lemo standard connector and compact size P3 Top Class BlueLine is the ideal choice for industrial applications.

P3 Top Class “Top Class” BlueLine is available for measuring ranges of 5,000, 10,000 and 15,000 bar.